Fresca-Zero Light Rib Crew Neck Short Sleeve T

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品番 | 02-01-1154A
色 | ブラック/ベージュ・ベージュ/ブラック・ベージュ/オレンジ
素材 | 綿 100%
サイズ | F

モデル:身長168・胸囲79・胴囲60.5 | サイズ F

F 着丈53.4cm 肩幅33.3cm 胸囲39cm 袖丈15cm

Crew neck half sleeve T with delicate ribbing and color scheme at the collar.
GGG's classic 100% cotton light rib material has a dry touch with minimal shedding. The fabric is soft and silky, yet still has a soft and silky feel. This material has been specially treated to give it a comfortable stretch and reduce the sagging that often occurs after wearing ribbed fabric.
Using a special sewing machine (Mlock®), the seam allowance required for stitching is minimized to bring out the best of the material. The fabric is beautiful to the eye and minimizes direct contact with the skin in pursuit of lightness and comfort.
It is a cute T-shirt that can be worn alone or in layers, making the most of the color scheme.

Model number | 02-01-1154A
Material | 100% Cotton
Made in Japan
Size | F

Model:H168・B79・W60.5 | Size F

F Length: 53.4cm, Shoulder width: 33.3cm, Chest circumference: 39cm, Sleeve length: 15cm

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¥13,200 tax included

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