Cupro Balancircular® Single Breasted Jacket

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カーディガンのように軽快に羽織れるこのジャケットは、01-01-1200 Drawstring Pantsとセットアップとしてもお召いただけます。

品番 | 01-01-1198
色 | ブラック・ネイビー
素材 | ポリエステル 47% キュプラ 46% ナイロン 7%
サイズ | S・M・L

モデル:身長181・胸囲86.5・胴囲70cm | サイズ L

S 着丈69cm 肩幅47.5cm 身幅54.5cm ウエスト幅51cm 袖丈58cm
M 着丈71cm 肩幅49cm 身幅56.5cm ウエスト幅53cm 袖丈60cm
L 着丈73cm 肩幅50.5cm 身幅58.5cm ウエスト幅55cm 袖丈62cm

This single jacket in a relaxed silhouette is made of Cupra Balancircular® fabric.
Balancircular® fabric is knitted on a rare knitting machine unique to Japan, of which there are only a few, and although it is a jersey material, it has the mysterious appearance of a woven fabric. GGG uses Cupro® for set-ups in the spring and summer seasons, taking advantage of its resistance to losing its shape and wrinkling, while maintaining the elasticity characteristic of jersey. It is surprisingly lightweight and has a contact-cooling function.
Using a special sewing machine (Mlock®), the seam allowance required when sewing together is made as thin as possible, bringing out 100% of the material's good qualities. The fabric is beautiful to the eye and minimizes direct contact with the skin in pursuit of lightness and comfort.
This jacket can be worn lightly like a cardigan, and can also be worn as a set-up with 01-01-1200 Drawstring Pants.

Model number | 01-01-1198
Color: BLACK and NAVY
Material | Polyester 47% Cupro 46% Nylon 7
Made in Japan
Size: S, M, L

Model:H181・B86.5・W70cm | Size L

S Length 69cm, Shoulder width 47.5cm, Body width 54.5cm, Waist width 51cm, Sleeve length 58cm
M Length 71cm Shoulder 49cm Width 56.5cm Waist 53cm Sleeve Length 60cm
L Length 73cm, Shoulder width 50.5cm, Body width 58.5cm, Waist width 55cm, Sleeve length 62cm

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¥42,900 tax included

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