46Gauge Typewriter Stripe Easy Pants

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ゆったりとしたシルエットで、美しいドレープが目を引くこのパンツは02-01-1421 French Sleeve No Collar Shirtsや02-01-1422 French Sleeve One Pieceとセットアップとしてもお召いただけます。

品番 | 02-01-1423
色 | ブルー/ネイビー・ベージュ/ブラック
素材 | 本体:綿 52% ポリエステル 48%
裏地:ポリエステル 100%
サイズ | S・M

モデル:身長168・胸囲79・胴囲60.5 | サイズ M

S 胴囲60cm 股上28.7cm 股下67.5cm もも回り37.1cm ヒップ110.9cm 裾幅35.4cm
M 胴囲66cm 股上29.2cm 股下68cm もも回り36.9cm ヒップ116.9cm 裾幅36.9cm

Wide pants in a relaxed silhouette with a classic pinstripe pattern.
The fabric, produced on a 46-gauge knitting machine, one of only a few in Japan, has an elegant sheen that is only possible with a fine count yarn, is not easily transparent, and has the firmness of a woven fabric and the comfortable elasticity of a cut-and-sew fabric.
Using a special sewing machine (Mlock®), the seam allowance required when sewing together is minimized to the utmost limit, bringing out 100% of the material's good qualities. The fabric is beautiful to the eye and minimizes direct contact with the skin in pursuit of lightness and comfort.
With a relaxed silhouette and beautiful drape, these eye-catching pants can be worn as a set-up with 02-01-1421 French Sleeve No Collar Shirts or 02-01-1422 French Sleeve One Piece.

Model number | 02-01-1423
Material | Body: 52% Cotton, 48% Polyester
Lining: 100% Polyester
Made in Japan
Size: S/M

Model:H168・B79・W60.5 | Size M

S Waist 60cm, Inseam 28.7cm, Inseam 67.5cm, Thigh 37.1cm, Hip 110.9cm, Hem 35.4cm
M Waist 66cm, Inseam 29.2cm, Inseam 68cm, Thigh Circumference 36.9cm, Hip 116.9cm, Hem Width 36.9cm

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¥28,600 tax included

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